Ask the expert

Are the same techniques used to make the Saint Lawrence figure applied to all the Saints' statuettes?

Yes, the wood hand carved Saint Lawrence figure is made with techniques that are used by our master sculptor Karl Demetz for all the figures he creates.

Where are wood carving tools sold?

Wood carving tools are sold in Diy shops.

What can people do to get close to Diy wood carving?

There are many courses that people can follow to get close to Diy wood carving.

Is the hand-crafted quality guaranteed?

Yes, Demi Art guarantees the hand-crafted quality of all products.

Why would you choose a Demi Art artwork?

Demi Art sculptures are unique artworks made by using traditional techniques of wood carving.

What kind of wood is carved?

Demi Art uses the best wood that can be found in Val Gardena area, i.e. linden tree, maple and cembro pine.

How are wood sculptures carved?

The realization of sculptures is personally supervised by master Karl Demetz.

Does Demi Art produce only sacred art sculptures or also profane art ones?

Demi Art produces both religious and secular wood carvings.

May Demi Art’s carvings be purchased only on-line?

No. It is possible to have a look at and purchase these fine wood carvings at the Demi Art public shop in Santa Cristina di Valgardena, next to the workshop where carvings are made.

How is it possible to become an official dealer of Demi Art wooden products?

Anyone who has a business in the sector of gifts, religious and Christmas goods and home goods may contact Demi Art to become an official dealer.

Does carving have an ancient origin?

Yes. It seems that wood carving and handwork were widely known in Val Gardena since the 17th century.

Does Demi Art make personalized wood carvings?

Definitely yes! Karl Demetz and Demi Art woodcarvers will be happy to make any kind of personalized carving based on a drawing, an image or an illustrative figure.

Is it possible to purchase wood nativity carvings all over the year?

Certo, i presepi possono essere sempre acquistati sullo shop online e non solo nel periodo natalizio.

Is it possible to purchase sacred statues for religious buildings?

Demi Art sacred art wood carvings may decorate homes but they represent also perfect elements to decorate Christian places of worship.

Are Demi Art wood carvings made by hand?

Demi Art wood carvings are made only by qualified craftsmen.

Original Black Forest cuckoo clocks

Among the wood products, there are the magnificent original Black Forest cuckoo clocks cuckoo clocks. The Black Forest is traditionally the home of cuckoo clocks and for this reason Demi Art's watches have the same characteristics and are created by following the same traditions.