Demi Art is a Val Gardena company specialized in the production of high quality wood carvings. During our 40-year-long business activity, we have realized a very large selection of saints and religious figure, for which today the company is well-known beyond the national borders. The company has realized also innumerable profane artworks, such as, for example, country life scenes, (rare) arts and crafts, musicians and children. All models are designed by master Karl Demetz, whose special style has always distinguished our works.
Demi Art wood carvings are entirely handcrafted by the most skilled woodcarvers and painters in Val Gardena, under the supervision of master Karl Demetz, historic point of reference in the field of artistic wood carving and guarantee of the high quality and tradition of the works included in the Demi Art catalogue assortment.
Skill in carving and sculpture enable Demi Art artisans to create refined and elegant wooden figurines.
The passion and skill of the typical traditional carvings, lives in Demi Art laboratory.
In the last 30 years, the company managed by Karl Demetz, thanks to his high artistic mastery and expressive force as well as the originality of his motifs, has become an international reference point for dealers and lovers of wood carvings. The manufacture of Demi Art sculptures is based exclusively in Val Gardena, one of the most picturesque and charming places of South Tyrol, under the direct supervision of master Karl Demetz.
In these years, the master has been training numerous apprentices, who have become now skilled woodcarvers, collaborators and managers, working every day down to the last detail with meticulousness besides Karl Demetz, who is committed to the training of young talents in the field of wood carving with his experience and artistic inspiration. Demi Art customers are spread all over the world, recognition of the high quality of its fine wood carvings.

History: the master sculptor Karl Demetz

The centuries-old tradition of the wood carving art, which has made known Val Gardena all over the world, induced also Karl Demetz in his youth to take a chance in this artistic and hard profession. After the artistic high school of Ortisei, he was trained in various master laboratories of the valley.

The first laboratory

After having successfully passed the examination for the master's certificate in 1968, Karl Demetz decided to set up his own artistic programme and business. Numerous artistic projects followed one another, leading over the course of the years to the magnificent collection of wood carvings that Demi Art can boast and offer to the world.

Karl Demetz & C.

Because of the fast growth of the business, Karl Demetz decided in 1980, together with his wife Margherita, to bring Karl Demetz & Co. General Partnership into being. Thanks to the training of young woodcarvers by the master in sculpture himself in his own laboratories, we can guarantee the top quality of the wood carvings composing the current Demi Art collection.

The birth of Demi Art

After the entrance into the business of the son Michael Demetz, Demi Art Limited Partnership was established in 2007. Since then, new production lines, which complement and enrich the tradition with new ideas, have been created with new vigour.


A Demi Art wooden sculpture brings to our customers’ home a new delight each day. Through the warmth radiated by wood and the harmonic lines designed by the sculptor, our artworks convey peace and wellbeing to living rooms. In order to reach and guarantee this ambitious goal, Demi Art keeps creating its wood carvings with the same passion with which master Karl Demetz started this activity.


The Demi Art retail shop or store is located in Pontives 25 - Handwerkerzone I-39040 Lajen. In this shop, our customers may buy and admire, on a 100 m² display, master Demetz’s renowned wood carvings. In the choice of the most appropriate wood carving, customers are assisted by qualified painters, who are at work in the painting laboratory connected to the shop and may also meet personalized requirements.

Also in master Karl Demetz’s atelier located at Soplases, which can be found by leaving Ortisei at the beginning of S. Cristina, in Via Palua, it is possible to find a rich display of all the wood carvings present on this site. Demi Art will be pleased to welcome our kind customers to any of its points of sale.

Shop Via Dursan, 55 - Santa Cristina Valgardena Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 08:00 to 12:00, 13:30 to 19:00
saturday: 08:00 - 12:00, 13:30 - 18:00

Private individuals

Demi Art wood carvings, real artworks, are aimed first of all at decorating and giving charm to all home rooms: Demi Art fine wooden artworks are designed to convey harmony and wellbeing in all living places, as well as in home outdoors, for example gardens. Moreover, a Demi Art original wood carving represents the perfect gift idea for the dearest ones.


Thanks to their beauty and elegance deriving from an accurate hand-crafted production, Demi Art wooden artworks are suited to decorate company workplaces. Moreover, Demi Art wood carvings may represent an interesting gift ideas for employees and company collaborators.

Religious institutes

Demi Art sacred art is known all over the world and several churches may boast a sculpture by master Karl Demetz. Saints, nativities or crucifixes with a suitable size are essential to decorate any church, convent or monastery.
Christmas street market in Santa CristinaChristmas street market in Santa Cristina
Christmas street market in Santa Cristina

Christmas market in Santa Cristina

In Val Gardena, December represents every year a special period thanks to the presence of a picturesque Christmas street market in Santa Cristina, a real chance to live a warm and cosy atmosphere, quite different from the chaotic stress characterizing usual city markets.

At the foot of the Sassolungo, one of the most spectacular mountain chain of the Dolomites and symbol of the whole Val Gardena, the Christmas street market of Santa Cristina is characterized also by its evocative power. Actually, the Christmas street market of Santa Cristina has been relying on quality rather than quantity for years, by offering a wide selection and a unique variety of Christmas products: Christmas decorations, wooden decorations, gift goods, Tyrol sweets and many other South Tyrol typical local specialties.

The Christmas street market of Santa Cristina offers all tourists and visitors a unique and warm atmosphere. During the Advent period, Santa Cristina is characterized by the presence of lovely Christmas decorations which make people feel like doing the Christmas shopping in the numerous local handicrafts shops of the city centre.

Demi Art, a company strongly linked to the Val Gardena local tradition, has been always present among the exhibitors of South Tyrolean handicrafts on the occasion of the Christmas street market, by offering the public part of its wide selection of wooden sculptures and statues. For the whole duration of the market, the Demi Art shop is open also on Sunday in order to offer customers charming gift ideas at favourable prices.

Wood nativity set

Demi Art wood nativity sets are hand carved and painted with oil colours and they are famous all over the world among collectors.

Demi Art presents handmade wood nativity sets and nativity set sculptures. Every traditional Tyrolian nativity set and every sculpture are high quality artistic works carved by Demi Art masters in Val Gardena.

The company offers a wide range of wooden nativity sets and related items, all minutely hand - decorated by master Karl Demetz and his co-workers, by following techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Demi Art sells differtent types of wooden nativity sets to fulfill the requirements of customers: original Karl Demetz nativity set, peace nativity set, Karl 2000 nativity set,group nativities, flight to Egypt, Search for an inn set, Entry to Jerusalem, nativity set in zirm and triptycs – Jesus child.

It is also possible to purchase sculptures and related items one by one: Mary, Joseph, Jesus child, crib, Three Kings with gifts, Melchior, Caspar, Balthazar, ox, donkey, Star of Bethelem, angels, shed, heardsman, dogs, camels, elefants, sheep groups, goats, etc.

Demi Art wood nativity sets are perfect decorations during Christmas time and polished and original Christmas gifts.