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Our pine products are made with a lot of love and care. The essential oils contained in the wood have antibacterial properties and the aroma smells particularly pleasant, it even promotes sleep and improves physical resilience. Let yourself be enchanted by our products and try them out.

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The qualities of Swiss pine wood

In the long winter nights, when the cold makes nature rest and the snow covers the mountains, is the right time to cut the swiss stone pines.
The essential oils and the balms contained in the swiss pine have antibacterial properties and have always been the remedy of the alpine population to moths and molds. 
The aroma of the swiss stone pines is not only particularly flavorful, but it favors better sleep and greatly improves the physical and mental load capacity.
Scientific studies have shown that keeping swiss stone pine wood in the bedroom (for ex. As a carved object on your bedside table) lowers your heart beats up to 1500 per night, enable a balanced and recreative sleep.

Try it, feel it yourself…

Focus on Zirm Alpin pine products

Lids in Swiss pine
Our natural swiss stone pine lids in various shapes close the 
carafe, protect  the water, and enrich it with a pleasant scent 
and taste. 
Enjoy a piece of nature sip by sip.

Elements for fruit bowls
Add swiss pine to your fruit.
The essential oil of the swiss pine wood has an antibacterial effect in the fruit bowl, it keeps mosquitoes away and the fruits last longer.

Perfuming angels
Thanks to Zirm Alpin perfumers, every little pine sculpture can become a perfumer. The Zirm Alpin angels have a recess where you can pour a few drops of oil.