Val GardenaVal Gardena is the marvelous natural place where the art of wood sculpture was born around the middle of the 17th century

Wood carvings made in Val Gardena

Val Gardena original sculpturesVal Gardena original sculptures
Val Gardena original sculptures
Val Gardena wood carvings are well-known beyond national borders for their intrinsic quality and artistic value resulting from the devotion and passion with which woodcarvers, among which master Karl Demtez, have been undertaking this fascinating art for centuries. In Val Gardena wood carving was already practised around mid-17th century due to the poverty of the inhabitants, who, in order to supplement meagre land proceeds, started carving wood. This way, Val Gardena inhabitants were also able to make tools suitable for farming and household utensils.

In particular, wood carving precursors used to make wooden frames and cases for pendulum clocks. However, Val Gardena woodcarvers started very soon the production of sacred art objects, in particular crucifixes, saints and nativities. These wooden works were so refined that Val Gardena woodcarvers became soon well-known beyond the South Tyrol boundaries.

Demi Art works, entirely made in the in-house carving wood workshop at our registered office in Santa Cristina, come into being with the intention of continuing the tradition of wood carving, an age-old tradition handed down from father to son. For this reason, Demi Art sculptures may bear the Val Gardena certified quality label and contribute to continue making Val Gardena wood handicrafts known and appreciated all over the world.

All wood carvings included in the Demi Art catalogue undergo strict quality control during the entire production process. The wood carving technique requires uncommon manual skill and, therefore, quality control is fundamental in order to guarantee that wood works are original and faultless.

Besides a natural predisposition to artistic subjects, the art of wood carving requires also much patience and experience. Only by relying on the most valuable and talented sculptors in Val Gardena, personally selected by master Karl Demetz, Demi Art may guarantee the perfection of its wooden works.

The granting of the Val Gardena certified quality represents an important reason of pride for Demi Art, a company committed to continuing with passion and dedication the art of wood carving.
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More and more people are getting close to Diy woodworking. It includes various practical applications, from wooden furnitures to wood carving.
Demi Art is an expert at wood carving and pays special attention to budding carvers by providing specific products and practical advices on wood carving techniques. The aim is to help followers to deepen their knowledge of wood carving.

Wood is a very ductile and resistant material. The desire of shaping, carving and chiseling wood is almost innate; anyway, a great importance is given to the respect of nature, since wood is a fundamental natural resource.

Demi Art gives a precise account of Diy wood carving, including notions, secrets and advices to purchase materials and tools. Demi Art also reports on design and realization of sculptures. It gives an account of surface treatment, expecially on rough – hewing and cutting.

All these solutions have to be adapted according to each case. However, Demi Art offers a wide option of Diy tools and techniques to allow carvers to create their own sculptures, whether they are professionals or beginners.

The standard diy wood carving equipment includes chisels and gouges, that are fundamental for the finishing touches on the bas-relief. It is interesting to notice that chisels have two different sides: on one side, the edge is flat; on the other one, it is taperd. It is possible to obtain different kind of carving, according to the way the chisel is handled. Once the carving is done, the sculpture has to be refined.

Demi Art provides brushes and transparent oil colours in soft tones not to cover wood grains. Wood is a great material to be painted because its surface is regular and smooth and its natural colour is warm. While wood painting, it is important to keep in mind that oil colours don’t withstand surface tensions, once dried.

To conclude, Demi Art also provides a CD and printed materials to learn all wood carving secrets. It is fundamental to learn how to select the best wood,  to use and keep carving tools, to be in command of carving techniques, to strengthen weak sculptures and so on.