Alto Adige / Südtirol

Alto Adige / Südtirol
In the heart of the majestic Alps lies South Tyrol, a region that we, the Demi Art team, deeply cherish. We are captivated not only by its breathtaking natural beauty but also by the richness of its culture, particularly expressed through the age-old tradition of wood carving.

For us, South Tyrol is more than a geographical destination; it is a place imbued with values that resonate in our passion for the art of wood carving. Here, amidst the towering peaks of the mountains, we have found inspiration in the harmonious blend of stunning landscapes and a culture deeply rooted in history.

Wood carving in South Tyrol is not merely an artistic skill but an art form seamlessly integrated into the everyday life of the community. Our team, inspired by this profound connection between humans and nature, is committed to preserving and promoting this tradition passed down through generations.

We strive to capture the soul of the region in our works, carving local woods with details that narrate stories of ancient traditions and an unbreakable bond with the land. Our art is not only aesthetic; it serves as a means to honor the values of the South Tyrolean community and convey a sense of belonging.

We are grateful to be part of this artistic community, and South Tyrol is our inspiring muse. Through our sculptures, we aim to convey the warmth of the people, the strength of the mountains, and the timeless beauty of a tradition that continues to thrive. With each piece we create, we celebrate South Tyrol and its unique heritage, contributing to the preservation and spread of the love for wood carving worldwide.

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