Are the same techniques used to make the Saint Lawrence figure applied to all the Saints' statuettes?

Yes, the wood hand carved Saint Lawrence figure is made with techniques that are used by our master sculptor Karl Demetz for all the figures he creates.
The wood hand carved statuettes are made with the following techniques:
  • natural wood: hand carved figure in maple wood for smaller sizes, in linden wood for larger sizes - from ca. 50 cm
  • stain: the hand carved figure is stained with a water and wax based wood stain in one selected color
  • 3-color stain:  the hand carved figure is stained with wood stain in three different nuances
  • colored wood: the hand carved figure is decorated with oil colors, gold foil and silver foil
The Statue of Saint Lawrence or of any of the Saints are available in the larger sizes also in raw wood and can be decorated with pure gold.