Discounts on wooden nativity scenes


Now are available the attractive promotions on all types of wooden nativity scenes finely hand painted by skilled sculptors of Demi Art.

Each type of wooden nativity scenes Demi Art is a work of art of the highest quality and value, thanks to the traditional manual processing of the wood that is guaranteed by the master sculptor Karl Demetz and his skilled team.

Discounts of 20% will be applied across the wide range of wooden cribs and accessories:
- Original nativity scenes Karl Demetz set
- peace nativity set
- Karl 2000 nativity set
- Group nativities
- Flight to Egypt
- Search for an inn
- Entry to Jerusalem
- Nativity set in "zirm"
- Triptychs - Jesus Child
- Sheds and accessories

To see the full range of wooden nativity scenes and relevant accessories which take advantage of attractive discounts, visit the Nativity scenes.