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Woodcarvings from Val Gardena: An Ancient Art that Still Lives On
Val Gardena, located in the heart of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, is renowned worldwide for its ancient tradition of woodcarving. An art that has been handed down from generation to generation, shaping wood with skill and passion to create unique and evocative works of art.

The Roots of a Thousand-Year-Old Tradition:
The origins of woodcarving in Val Gardena date back to the 17th century, when farmers, during the long winter months, dedicated themselves to wood carving to create tools and everyday objects. From the simple initial forms, the art has developed and refined over time, giving life to real works of art that today adorn churches, museums, and private homes worldwide.

An Art Rich in Nuances:
Woodcarving in Val Gardena is distinguished by its variety of styles and subjects. From classic sacred figures to profane ones, from nativity scenes to animals, to modern and abstract sculptures, the creativity of the Gardena artists knows no bounds.

Precious Materials and Craftsmanship:
The woodcarvings of Val Gardena are made with fine woods of local origin, such as Swiss pine, maple, and pine. The processing is entirely handcrafted, carried out with skill and attention to detail in every phase, from wood carving to finishing and coloring.

A Heritage to be Preserved:
The art of woodcarving in Val Gardena represents a precious heritage to be preserved and handed down to future generations. An art that testifies to the culture and tradition of this land and continues to fascinate and enchant with its beauty and uniqueness.

Choosing a Wood Carving from Val Gardena:
Acquiring a wood carving from Val Gardena means not only taking home a unique and precious work of art but also supporting an ancient tradition and local craftsmanship.

Woodcarvings from Val Gardena are an example of excellence in craftsmanship and artistry. An art that still lives on and continues to excite and amaze with its beauty and originality.