Nativity set in "zirm"

Nativity set in "zirm"
The Nativity scene in zirm is a set of fine woodcarvings hand carved out of solid Swiss pine wood, called "zirm". The figures have a classic design and there is a wide range of statues, such as the Holy Family, the three Kings, different shepherds and farmers, animals: ox and donkey, sheep, and camel.

Swiss pine wood (Pinus cembra) has a warm, reddish colour. Because of this rare beauty we quote this nativity set only in natural wood without painting. The Swiss pine occurs in the Alps at a hight altitude and therefore it grows slowly, what makes it precious.

The entire zirm nativity set is composed of 20 statues in wood and can be completed with sculptures of different sizes: 12 cm (4.7"), 15 cm (5.9"), 20 cm (7.9"), 25 cm (9.8") and 30 cm (11.8").
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