Glossary of wood carving


Antiquing represents a particular painting technique for wood.

Band saw

The band saw is a machine used to cut wood.


Bas-relief is a method of sculpture in which wood is carved from the surface of a squared block.


A bust is a sculptural representation of the upper part of a human figure.


Cerate is a wax applied on wood and polished with a brush.


The change is the part representing the thickening of the trunk.


The chisel is one of the most used tools by woodcarvers.


Colouring is the finish in which the sculpture is decorated by using oils and gold leaf.

Completion "color"

The precisely carved statue is decorated with oil paint, gold and silver leaf.

Completion "pure gold ancient"

On the roundwood statue we apply various thin chalk layers in order to get a craquelé effect, that means small cracks on the surface.

Completion "pure gold"

On the roundwood statue the master painter applies a very thin chalk bottom to proceed then to the gilding with real gold leafs and successively to the painting with colors produced from valuable pigments.

Completion "roundwood"

The statue is carved in Swiss pine wood (Pinus cembra), called cirmolo, and finished with gouges and rasps, to be then sanded.

Completion "stain 3 shades"

To the statue in natural wood there is applied three various stain tonalities. Wood stain is an ink made up of water and wax.

Completion "stain"

On the statue in natural wood there is applied a stain for wood, which is an ink made up with water and wax. You can choose out of different colors.

Completion natural wood

Statues carved in maple wood for the smaller sizes and in linden wood for the greater measures, beginning from 50 cm.


Craquelé refers to the wood carving cracking obtained by using specific techniques.


Files are manual tools used to create the wood carving.


Finish is the last touch-up to the sculpture.


Gilding is a decorating process for wood.

Glue for wood

Glue for wood is used to put together wood boards.

Gold leaf

Gold leaf is a very thin coat made of an alloy which simulates gold.


The gouge is a particular kind of chisel with different shapes.

In full relief

The expression in full relief refers to a particular technique of sculpture.


The liber is a part of the tree trunk.


The lime is a tree with a considerable size which grows in fresh and shaded places.


The mallet is a tool used in woodwork to beat on the chisel.


Modelling means creating a model by adding plasticine.


A mordant is a dye for wood


A node is a formation on the trunk or the branches of trees


A pantograph is an instrument which allows to reproduce drawings on a different scale.


Pith is an internal component of the trunk.


Plasticine is a plastic material for modelling

Pure gold

Pure gold consists of a very thin coat of gold.


The rasp is a manual tool largely used in wood carving.


Sandpaper is a particular kind of paper coated with crystalline granules of abrasive material.


Sculpture is the art of giving shape to an object starting from a rough material.

Stone pine

The stone pine is an evergreen tree of the genus Pinus

Stone pine

The stone pine is an evergreen conifer tree of the genus Pinus.

Sycamore maple

The sycamore maple is a leaf tree common in the mountainous region of Italy.


The trunk is the bearing structure of the tree.

Unfinished statue

An unfinished statue represents the first shape assumed by a future wood carving.


The wheel is a machine tool used to grind chisels.