Diy wood carving tools

Demi Art offers the opportunity for all fans of the working wood carving to create their own sculptures in person, using sets of tools made ​​available by the company.

The content of the section is aimed at DIY enthusiasts and do-it-yourself wishing to embark on this art - the carving, in fact-that in the valleys of the Alps, characterized by centuries of decorative wooden handicrafts.
Learning the technique of carving, the proper use of different tools and tricks of the trade, you are able to create original and unique creations.

A free rein to their imagination and creativity, which can lead the sculptor to discover to have a real talent.
Demi Art Company offers a large range of items designed for beginners who want to approach the world of DIY wood sculpture.
The tool set includes:
  • Wood knives of various form already sharp tools which have the function of making joints, grooves, corrections on the surface of the wood;
  • Brushes and oil colors transparent, the subtlest pastel shades, so that the structure of the wood remains visible;
  • Bas reliefs already roughly from Demi Art as the first work to begin their work of wood carving;
  • Sandpaper to smooth out and remove the irregularities;
  • CD with printed material to learn the secrets of the woodwork.
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