Among the wooden sculptures of Demi Art there are the magnificent original Black Forest cuckoo clocks.
The Black Forest is traditionally the home of cuckoo clocks and for this reason, Demi Art clocks have the same characteristics and are created by following the same traditional techniques.
Nowadays, cuckoo clocks represent a very popular object of cult and collection because of their high artistic value. For this reason, Demi Art offers a wide selection of fine wooden cuckoo clocks, skilfully hand-made by Val Gardena craftsmen. Val Gardena woodcarvers have been making wooden cuckoo clocks for centuries, embellishing them with refined decorations and ornaments. The wooden case is usually decorated with animals, people and traditional alpine motives. There are two kinds of movement, one-day and eight-day clockworks. Demi Art wooden cuckoo clocks can sound at every hour, only during the day or never, according to preference.


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